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Empowering students in the locality through impactful initiatives: Biswaranjan Das Adhikary Memorial Floor for comprehensive learning, TED talk-like events, linguistic and soft skill programs. Coaching for admissions, Kajalbabu Memorial Performance Prize, and monthly scholarships for meritorious students. Uplifting and empowering for a brighter future.




Our trust's vision centers on empowering students from 332 surrounding Mouzas (villages), unlocking their true potential through personalized mentoring. Many possess remarkable intelligence but lack vital skills, hindering their growth and employability. To bridge this gap, we offer tutorials, lectures, and soft skill programs, nurturing self-confidence for a brighter future beyond the standard curriculum.




The trust receives support from more than 50 past students of Kajalbabu, who contribute modest one-off amounts, along with more than 250 well-wishers to date from outside. Their generous backing enables us to fulfill our mission and make a positive impact on students' lives.

Without their support this noble cause would not have come to fruition. Read more to access the full list of our committee members.

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Carrying On The Legacy Of A Brilliant Mind By Empowering The Minds Of Tomorrow

Welcome to Kajalbabu Memorial Trust! We are a registered charitable organization dedicated to honoring the memory and legacy of Biswaranjan Das Adhikary, a highly respected teacher of Chemistry. Our trust is committed to furthering his vision of empowering young minds through education and providing opportunities for the brightest and underprivileged students to succeed.

Biswaranjan Das Adhikary was not only an exceptional educator but also a compassionate mentor who believed in the power of knowledge to transform lives.


Inspired by his father's commitment to the freedom movement, he left a successful career in the city to join his father's school, Dasagram SS Sikshasadan, in their rural village.


Throughout his teaching career, he went above and beyond to guide and support his students, instilling in them not only academic knowledge but also the values of empathy, rationality, and social responsibility.


Languages & training

Conference Hall

Lab & Equipment

Field Experts & Scholarships

In honor of Biswaranjan Das Adhikary's lifelong dedication to education, we have embarked on two significant initiatives.


The first is the establishment of the Biswaranjan Das Adhikary Centre for Advanced Learning and Transferrable Skill Development within Dasagram SS Sikshasadan. This center will provide state-of-the-art facilities, including a video conferencing hall, science demo lab, language training lab, small group teaching space, and necessary amenities. It will serve as a hub for advanced learning and skill development, enabling students to excel academically and acquire essential skills for their future.

The second initiative is the creation of the Biswaranjan Das Adhikary Scholarship Endowment Fund. This fund aims to support academically promising students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in pursuing their higher education.


Initially focused on students from the feeder areas of Dasagram SS Sikshasadan, the fund will expand its reach to help deserving students from beyond the immediate community.


Through scholarships and academic prizes, we aspire to remove financial barriers and provide opportunities for these bright individuals to fulfill their educational aspirations.

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The Kajalbabu Memorial Trust comprises a dedicated team of trustees, including esteemed educators, professionals, and past students of Biswaranjan Das Adhikary. Led by our President, Dipak Ranjan Pattanayak an ex colleague of Kajalbabu and retired headmaster, and with the support of Dr. Bikash Pal, a professor at Imperial College London and a proud alumnus, we are committed to carrying forward Biswaranjan's vision with passion and integrity.


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Honouring Kajalbabu: A Legendary Teacher's Legacy


Join us in celebrating the remarkable life of Mr. Biswaranjan Das Adhikary, affectionately known as Kajalbabu. His 30-year teaching career transformed countless lives at Dasagram SS Sikhsha Sadan. From mentoring underprivileged students to achieving their dreams to supporting families in need, his impact was profound. Learn more about Kajalbabu's inspiring journey and the mission of our trust in his memory.

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