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Performance Prize Events

Prizegiving Ceremony


We're delighted to share highlights from our 2nd Annual General Meeting held on December 29, 2023. More than 250 students were recognized for their outstanding performances in board-level exams spanning science, humanities, and vocational subjects.

Attended by distinguished guests from education, medicine, and accounting fields, the event awarded a total of 10 prizes to exemplary boys and girls, reflecting our commitment to meritocracy.

A special moment was of the Inaugural Kajalbabu Memorial Lecture delivered by local physician Mr. Sujay Ranjan Das, MBBS. Notably, prizes in Biological sciences were presented by the teachers they were named after, fostering the enduring bonds between educators and students. Prizes in the extended sciences and engineering were also presented by distinguised professors and teachers in their fields.


Dr Mita Dutta, Professor of Electrical Engineering at Jadavpur University is rewarding Mr. Abir Mandal for his Higher Secondary examination performance in Chemistry .


Dr Sanjay Dutta , Retd. Professor of National Institute of Orthopedically Handicap, Kolkata is handing Ms. Ena Giri the prize for the best performance in Higher Secondary examination in Mathematics.


Mr Dipak Ranjan Pattanayak, President of the Trust and retd. headmaster and Biology teacher is handing the Dipak Ranjan Pattanayak Prize in biology to Mr. Abir Mandal  for his excellent performance in the Higher Secondary Biology examination.


Shaikh Kamaluddin , Practising Chartered Accountant from Kolkata is giving prize to Ms. Shraboni Sau for the best performance in the Higher Secondary examination in Mathematics.


Professor Bikash Pal, renowned for his expertise in Electrical Power Systems at Imperial College London, reunites with his Biology mentor, Mr. Pranotosh Dasmal, 89.

Inspired by his educators, Bikash spearheaded fundraising efforts to establish the Trust and endowed several prizes in honor of influential teachers like Mr. Dasm.

These prize-giving ceremonies, made possible by the facilities provided by the Trust, serve as invaluable platforms for our school community.

By gratefully utilising these resources, we bring together alumni and current students, fostering a vibrant exchange of dialogue, sharing of stories, and nurturing confidence in the minds of tomorrow's leaders. These gatherings not only celebrate academic achievement but also cultivate a sense of belonging and inspiration among our students, empowering them to reach new heights of excellence.

Congruatulations to all awardees!

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