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Celebrating the Legacy of Kajalbabu


Our trust was born with a heartfelt purpose: to honor the life and legacy of an extraordinary school teacher, Mr. Biswaranjan Das Adhikary, affectionately known as Kajalbabu. Throughout his illustrious 30-year teaching career, he touched the lives of countless students, leaving an indelible mark on each one.

Kajalbabu's journey was one of selflessness and dedication. Despite a promising career as a Chemical Engineer, he chose to return to his village school, Dasagram SS Sikhsha Sadan, to teach Chemistry. He not only imparted knowledge in his subject but also served as a mentor to underprivileged yet talented students, guiding them towards their dreams of university education.

The impact of his teachings and mentorship was profound. Many of his students and mentees went on to become successful doctors, engineers, and responsible citizens, a testament to Kajalbabu's unwavering commitment to their growth.

Tragically, in July 2020, the world lost this incredible soul to the devastating CoVID-19 pandemic, only a few years after his well-deserved retirement. Just before his passing, Kajalbabu demonstrated his generosity once again by supporting 500 families with essential provisions, despite challenging times.

Our trust stands as a tribute to Kajalbabu's remarkable life, aiming to carry on his legacy of compassion, education, and community support. Through our efforts, we hope to inspire and uplift generations to come, following in the footsteps of our beloved teacher and mentor, Kajalbabu.

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