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Global Engagement: International Dignitaries Visit Kajalbabu Memorial Trust

KBMT Hosts Inaugural International Visit and Awards Scholarships, 3rd February , 2024.


On February 3rd, the Trust awarded two scholarships: one to Ms. Pampa Guchhait for her university education and another to Arpita Pal for her schooling. The ceremony was graced by the presence of around 10 esteemed academic dignitaries from international institutions.

Among the guests were Prof. Nikos Hatziargyriou and Dr. Panos Kotsampopoulos from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, along with Dimitra and Victoria Hatziargyriou. Prof. Bikash Pal and Dr. Firdous Ul-Nazir from Imperial College London, Mr. Bikram Samanta from IIT Kharagpur, and Dr. Santu Giri from CMERI Durgapur were also in attendance. These dignitaries explored the Trust's facilities and engaged with students, fostering a rich exchange of ideas.

During the event, Prof. Hatziargyriou had the honor of presenting the Ping Bian scholarship funding letters from the Trust to the recipients onstage, further highlighting the global support for education.

The Kajalbabu Memorial Trust also received a generous endowment from Mrs. Ping Bian of China, dedicated to supporting girls' education in the local community. This fund will serve continuing to bolster educational opportunities for girls through the Trust.

The event garnered attention from The Statesman, a prominent English daily in India, reflecting the significance of the Trust's endeavors in promoting education and honoring the legacy of beloved teachers.


Prof Nikos Hatziargyriou from National Technical University Athens is handing the scholarship fund to Ms. Pampa Guchhait , a BSc student.


Dimitra and Victoria Hatziargyriou from Athens are handing in the Ping Bian scholarship fund to Ms. Arpita Pal for secondary education.


The school students with the visiting team


Thank you for the visit we hope to welcome you again!

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