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KBMT Mentorship Programme- Smt Padmaja Pandey, IFS, Ex-High Commissioner to Fiji.

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Mentorship event : 1st July , 2023, 14:00 hrs

Smt Padmaja Pandey

Empowering Excellence Through Resolution and Global Values


Originating from Kanpur Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, Padmaja obtained a Master's degree in Ancient History, Culture, and Archaeology from the University of Allahabad. Commencing her noteworthy journey in the Indian Foreign Service in 1986 under the Government of India, she played pivotal roles across various divisions within the Ministry of External Affairs. Her impactful contributions extended to her tenure at the High Commission of India in Dhaka and London.

Beyond the realms of diplomacy, Padmaja's influence encompassed her directorship at the Indian Council of World Affairs and her role as Deputy Director General at the Indian Council of Cultural Relations. Her distinguished career culminated with her service as the High Commissioner of India in Fiji, concluding in August 2020.

In addition to her official engagements, Padmaja cultivated a diverse range of interests, including languages, literature, culture, religion, philosophy, spirituality, and tourism. Notably, she led the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra group in 2004, representing the Government of India.

Presently, Padmaja is engaged in the translation of books and plays from English to Hindi, showcasing her enduring commitment to knowledge dissemination and cultural exchange.


A respected keynote speaker, Padmaja Pandey graced the mentorship programme at the KajalBabu Memorial Trust, leaving a lasting impression on over 60 attentive school students. With grace and wisdom, she shared her formative academic experiences at Allahabad University, underscoring the importance of determination, whole-heartedness, and focused pursuit in every endeavor.

Her engaging discourse emphasized the significance of holistic well-being, drawing from her personal experiences to highlight the value of quality sleep, meditation, and self-care. These insights resonated deeply with the young minds, keen on harmonizing ambition with personal equilibrium.

Padmaja seamlessly interwove patriotism with global values, encouraging students to take pride in their Indian heritage while embracing openness and acceptance on an international scale. Her advocacy for collaborative learning and community engagement ignited a passion within the students to contribute positively to society.

Sharing candidly, she recounted a memorable encounter with the British Queen, which left her with invaluable lessons. The crescendo of her keynote address arose as she fearlessly narrated her triumphs over adversities in both her personal and professional life, instilling the audience with resilience and determination.

As a guiding light for the students, she generously offered insights into the realm of civil service examinations, equipping aspirants with practical strategies for success. Her interactive session fostered an atmosphere of mutual learning and vibrant exchange, imprinting a lasting impact on all fortunate enough to be in attendance.

We were grateful to have her!

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